Online Baccarat Sites – Punto Banco

Baccarat sites games are fun and profitable. Baccarat is a glamorous game popularized by James Bond books and movies. Online baccarat sites offer free bonuses to all new players, which is a fantastic offer for everyone who hasn’t played this fascinating gambling game yet.

High rollers are offered baccarat sites games to their liking in private rooms, much like in land-based casinos. Well, regardless of your game of choice (free- or play-to-play baccarat), you need to know the variation you’re attempting. Of those, there are three: punto banco, chemin de fer, and baccarat banque.

Punto Banco

Punto banco is what we usually call “baccarat”, as this is the variation offered by nearly all baccarat sites out there. It is a game of chance, which will require both skill and luck on your part. Baccarat sites games are highly profitable, on top of being enjoyable. Therefore, make sure to know the rules of the game.

Game rules

Two hands are dealt: banker and player. What hand you will bet on is up to you. Baccarat sites punto banco games have three outcomes: player wins, banker wins, and tie. The payoffs are 95% for the banker and 8 to 1 odds for a tie, in most cases. A 5% commission goes to the house regardless of the outcome.


Punto banco games have fixed drawing rules. These are referred to as “tableau” and may vary depending on the development and other factor as well. E.g., baccarat sites games can be played with 4, 6, or 8 decks, which dunder casino mobile depends on baccarat sites’ policy alone. Each hand contains two face up cards. When either of the players collects a total of 8 or 9, the game ends. If neither gets that score, the following rules apply:

Baccarat Sites Player Tableau:

  1. If the total is 0 – 5: the player draws the third card;
  2. If the total is 6 or 7: the player stands.

Baccarat Sites Banker Tableau:

  1. The player has two cards only: solely the banker is taken into account. The same tableau from below applies.


  1. The player has three cards:

1.If the total is 2 or 3: banker draws with 0 – 4 and stands with 5 – 7;

  1. If the total is a 4 or 5: banker draws with 0 – 5, and stands with 6 – 7;
  2. If the total is a 6 or 7: banker draws with 0 – 6, and stands with 7;
  3. If the total is 8: banker draws with 0 – 2, and stands with 3 – 7;
  4. If the player has an Ace/ 9 /10: banker draws with 0 – 3, and stands with 4 – 7.


Online Baccarat Sites recommendations

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